Basic Service Package

B2B Sales

Based on our learnings from global experiences we have developed a modular service portfolio that is customised to meet client requirements. During sales planning we consider the market environment, destination demand, brand awareness, segment penetration, competitive landscape and the real consumer awareness and intent to book. 

Our Offering Includes:
•    Customised sales calls for Tier 1 and 2 cities, educating travel agents and tour operators on the product offerings   
•    Schedule predetermined appointments with target customers   
•    Plan itineraries for travel and meetings across India   
•    Develop detailed plans which focus on our partners sales missions to India with clear timelines, project achievables, as well as the next steps   
•    Mailing product offerings to over 100,000 contacts across the Indian travel industry   

If you like to enquire about our B2B Sales Calls please do send us an email.

B2B catalog

Our catalog is one of the most in-depth B2B content materials that we circulate amongst the Travel fraternity. With an ever-growing reach of 36,000 relevant travel agencies, 100,000 travel agents, your brand will reach the right hands. Our print runs are 15,000 catalogs.
Here you can download the 2017 issue and the 2018 issue.

If you would like to enquire about the catalog please do send us an email.


Robinville offers support to overseas organisations during pre-start and early start initiatives for getting a foothold in India's fast growing outbound market. Our local representation aims to bridge the cultural gap to streamline knowledge and thereby enable greater business opportunities.

Basic pro service package

If you are interested in roadshows, events and/or fairs, please check out the basic pro service package as it includes services in these areas.

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