Meet the allrounders

Storytelling for emerging media - no matter the media. ARTFABRIK's passion and expertise is storytelling. They believe that there is nothing more powerful than a story - it changes perceptions and has the power to convince.

Versatile, yet highly skilled and specialized

ARTFABRIK does more than just creating plain images however. They deliver inspirational still images, animations, vfx, films as well as virtual- and augmented reality and interactive media for projects in every market. Make sure to check out their complete service offering at


ARTFABRIK is a full-service digital development and production company. An innovative digital studio, turning ideas, strategy and IP into campaigns, film, content, products, code and platforms.


Their aim is to visualize ideas, engage, entertain and inform. Therefore, they balance technology, creativity and problem solving competences. They avoid the ordinary and form virtual and digital environments out of fascinating stories leading to exceptional realizations.

Although technology is not the message (it’s just the vehicle), today’s products and technologies change in such a fast manner, that it’s important to be wide awake and keep up with the development. ARTFABRIK believes that interdisciplinary is key. In fact, there are no limiting factors to their creative work. ARTFABRIK's flexibility and love for experimental solutions create opportunities and increase their range of services every day. Take a peak at only a fraction of the exciting projects they have done on their website.