B2B Sales Force

Based on the international and local experience we have gained over the years, we have developed a modular service portfolio which is customized to meet your individual requirements. Apart from the personal and telephonic support provided to you by our B2B sales executives, we are now (since 2015) also in a position to offer you our 150+ pages B2B catalogue. This catalogue is available to travel agencies in hard copy as well as online. In addition to travel packages, it contains relevant information on individual destinations as well as the add-on options that can be booked.

Our B2B sales force include:
•    Sales Calls (to all major cities in India. New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad) 
•    Advertisments in the major B2B Print publications in India (Trav Talk, Travel Trade Journal and Travel biz monitor) – and the readers call or email us and download from our website - mailing to 100.000 contacts of travel industry

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B2B catalog


Our catalog is one of the most in-depth B2B content materials that we circulate amongst the Travel fraternity. With an ever-growing reach of 36,000 relevant travel agencies, 100,000 travel agents, your brand will reach the right hands. Our print runs are 15,000 catalogs.

Click here to download the 2016 issue.
Click here to download the 2017 issue part 1.
Click here to download the 2017 issue part 2.

If you would like to enquire about the catalog please do send us an email.

E-Learning Tool


Destination Information, Latest News, Event Calendar, Newsletter, become a CEE-Tourism expert.

Robinville has been representing European countries, regions & organisations since 2009 with vigour in the Indian subcontinent. The full spectrum of our services ranges from the marketing & branding of cities, destinations, and touristic attractions to increasing familiarity of the Central and East European regions in India.

Our specialized travel professionals from Europe and India ensure your every requirement is met. Our aim is to bring Europe closer to the Indian market, a simple knock on the door and the opening of a plethora of opportunities in Europe for leisure travel or even business opportunities.

c)    Visit our online campus
d)    Education – future learning

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Roadshows, Events & Fairs

We know how the right exposure can greatly propel a business, therefore we partake and undertake roadshows, fairs & events. Our team of experienced professionals markets your brand in a more personal manner that leaves an indelible impression on the minds of the recipient.

Our trusted partners have collaborated with us on multiple roadshows which has given them quantifiable results. A few of the roadshows that we have been in :
1.    OTR – Roadshow covering Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad and Chennai in 2017. We represented Nordkette, which led to tremendous networking and sale opportunities.
2.    ITB – One of the world’s most renowned International Tourism Business fair held in Berlin 2017.
3.    ATM – Held in Dubai, 2017 we managed at unlocking reliable business opportunities.
4.    WTM – We participated with leading global even for the travel industry.
5.    Austria Roadshow – Held in Delhi 2017, Robinville worked with the City of Innsbruck & its ski villages to the travel and entertainment industry in India.
6.    Germany Tourism Roadshow – Robinville worked with McArthur Glen to introduce to potential clients the various services and benefits of visiting one of McArthur Glenn outlets in Europe.

If you would like us to represent your organization in road shows, fairs and events, please do send us an email.


B2B Sales Force, B2B Catalog, E-Learning Tool, Road shows, Events & Fairs +

FAM Trips

FAM trips are a crucial part of growing a successful travel agency & building trusted top tier supplier network for your clients. We understand this that is why we conduct familiarization trips to European destinations so that you can become acquainted with our trusted suppliers, products and offerings.

FAM trips were conducted with AIR India twice in 2016 which had tremendous results in terms of networking and destination knowledge building.

We have exciting new FAM trips coming up, if you would like to be a part of it, please send us an email.

TTL Communications

We excel in Through The Line (TTL) communication, by integrating traditional forms of communication such as ATL & BTL into a wholesome & comprehensive communication platform. Our reach has been through mass media online/offline as well on ground activities that together results in a greater measurable outcome beneficial to the client.

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Public Relations

The ever growing presence of media noise needs a singular voice of clear communication. This is where our vibrant & suave team of Public Relations experts makes it easier to magnify your message to the target audience. We have built excellent contacts comprising of decision makers of important trade press and mass media, tourism organisations and relevant authorities.

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Social Media

The world is just a tweet away! We understand the human dynamics of social connections. Our team of Digital & Social media experts ensures that you reach your target audience in the right way. The digital realm is expansive, thus to reach the niche targets we develop bespoke strategies. We amplify your whisper!

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We publish newsletters on a regular basis which can be used to promote your business and services.