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In Linz, the European Capital of Culture and a UNESCO City of Media Arts, a triad of culture, nature and industry awaits visitors. Discover the city's diversity on a tour on foot, on the excursion train or on Segway. Experience a city combining media arts and contemporary history at first hand in one of the many museums or relax on the beautiful banks of the Danube. Linz is a city with a high standard of living.



Linz combines media arts and contemporary history 


The city by the Danube is shining brighter than ever before: European Capital of Culture 2009, UNESCO City of Media Arts, new buildings, impressive art projects and a city silhouette full of contrasts.



The modern and the historical are just waiting to be explored. Experience multifaceted Linz! Be curious, see the sights and try something new. Linz has a high standard of living – discover the spirit of the creative city.


Linz is a pulsating, contemporary place. The creative city by the Danube is open-minded, modern and, above all, future-oriented. In the UNESCO City of Media Arts and European Capital of Culture 2009, you can experience multifaceted culture.


Be curious, and discover museums, theatres and concert halls, relax with a romantic dinner on a Danube boat or browse the stores in the center on a shopping trip. Discover something new on a guided city tour or simply explore Linz on your own initiative. Do you want to party? Linz is the perfect place – they know how to have a good time here! The community is enthusiastic about the gay scene in the city by the Danube!


Linz is so UNESCO!


Discover the UNESCO City of Media Arts, Linz, as a contemporary city that looks to the future. In December 2014 Linz was accepted by UNESCO into the Creative Cities Network and is now allowed to bear the title "UNESCO City of Media Arts". You can discover media arts in Linz with all your senses!


What is Media arts?


Only cities that can demonstrate extraordinary achievements in one of the categories of literature, film, music, crafts and folk art, gastronomy, design or media arts are accepted by UNESCO into the Creative Cities Network. The Ars Electronica Center, the annual Ars Electronica Festival, the activities in the Tabakfabrik, the emerging independent scene and other institutions have established Linz as a center of media art which opens new prospects and innovations in culture, economy and society. The title "UNESCO City of Media Arts" makes Linz nationally and internationally attractive as a Creative City in culture, science and business.



Media art highlights in Linz


Highlights include the Ars Electronica Center with its annual festival in September and the renowned Prix Ars Electronica, the Kunstuniversität Linz, the Tabakfabrik, the Brucknerhaus, the Lentos Kunstmuseum and theOK Offenes Kulturhaus. Furthermore the independend Scene with institutions like the open air Galery "Mural Harbor" Stadtwerkstatt, Radio FRO or DorfTV are an essential part of the UNESCO City of Media Arts.

Events in Linz, like the Crossing Europe Film FestivalLinzer Klangwolken (Clouds of Sound) or the Ars Electronica Festival, let visitors experience Media Arts with all senses.




Culture and Entertainment in Linz


Linz, offers a varied cultural and entertainment programme for visitors and locals alike.


Whether classical concerts, ballet, musicals or popular acts from the music scene, there's something for everyone in Linz. Famous festival halls – first and foremost the Musiktheater, Europe's most modern opera house – provide a breathtaking backdrop. But also the Brucknerhaus Linz convince with the acoustics and a varied musical programme. In addition, a special cultural highlight is the annual “Klangwolke” as an open-air show on the bank of the Danube. Immerse yourself in a cultural experience by the Danube!



Experience (contemporary) history in Linz


Linz has an eventful past, which has shaped the city distinctly. For many years, the Danube city has been intensively trying to come to terms with its recent history. Many events and exhibitions are and were dedicated to the topic of contemporary history in Linz.


The second-largest river in Europe plays an important role in contemporary history. After the Second World War, it was the dividing line between the occupation zones and made Linz a divided city. It wasn't until the Austrian State Treaty was signed in Vienna sixty years ago that it finally became a connecting link for the cultures and regions. Since then, the people living along the river are closer than ever before.


Linz for …


1. Families

Linz offers sights for the whole family! Diverse programmes, attractions, museums, concerts and theatre performances are waiting to be discovered by visitors both young and old.

Special programmes in the theatres, especially for children, as well as specific family tours in the museums are available.



2. Nature Lovers  



Attention all nature lovers! Discover Linz, the green city on the banks of the Danube. Almost half of the municipal area is green space. Explore the parks, the nature reserves or the green areas with play areas for children and young people as well as extensive forests.


The Danube, which flows right through Linz, creates a fascinatingly beautiful river landscape. You can experience nature in Linz at the Botanical Gardens, on Pöstlingberg high above Linz with a fantastic view of the Danube or in one of the countless other green oases in the city centre.








3. Shopping Fans



From small shops, to browsing through delicacies at the grocery markets, to global brands in the shopping arcades – Linz offers a shopping experience for every taste! Don't forget to find a Linz souvenir for yourself and your loved ones!


Linz's Landstraße is one of the most-frequented shopping streets in Austria, and the most famous shopping street in Linz City.


Not only Landstraße, but also the side streets invite you to go window shopping and offer a diverse selection for every taste. Shops with famous brands, as well as the smaller shops are perfect for browsing and exploring – Linz is a pulsating, modern city offering contemporary history and media arts!



 4. Business Guests



Do you have some free time before or after your event or conference? Use this time for yourself – and do what you feel like. Linz is the ideal city to act on your impulses.


Conferences with added value


Blue Meeting® is a new conference format developed by Linz Tourismus, which focuses on meaningfulness and quality of life. Linz, the creative city right by the Danube, is particularly well suited to implementing this new event philosophy. Linz has developed the concept of green events further, to give not only the environment more attention, but also the individual needs of people. There are three levels to Linz's Blue Meeting® concept: the person, the venue and the programme, the optimal coordination of which guarantees the event's success.





Linz is gay-friendly and so are its venues – more information is available here or browse through the City Gay GuideLinz.



Let Linz inspire you!





Top 10 attractions in Linz




1. Linzer Torte - the sweet ambassador of Linz


Fancy a slice of Linzer Torte? 

The popular cake from the city by the colourful Danube, is both - a sweet ambassador and an export success.



Linzer Torte is considered as the oldest known cake named after a city. It is available in different variations and it was already mentioned by name as early as 1653. Yet who invented or named the cake will remain a mystery forever. The oldest recipe is from a cookery book that is more than 350 years old: "Book of All Kinds of Home-Made Things, Such as Sweet Dishes, Spices, Cakes and also Every Kind of Fruit and Other Good and Useful Things, etc."


Even at this early point in time, the cookery book included four different recipes for Linzer Torte/Linz dough, which reflects how generally popular and widely known the cake was in the baroque period.


These old recipes mostly differ from more recent ones in that the dough for Linzer Torte was always prepared using clarified butter, with a stick of butter kneaded into it. In addition, the cake was prepared as a "bowl cake", meaning that it was made in a (silver) bowl – like pies today – with a fruit filling and strips of dough on top. Spices were only called for once – in a "well-seasoned grid of dough". Even then, almonds were part of every Linzer Torte recipe.







2. Hauptplatz and the Linzer City


Hauptplatz (The Main Square) forms the centre of Linz, and with an area of around 13,200 m², it is one of the largest enclosed squares in Austria. An impressive 20-metre-high column, completed in 1723, is situated in the middle of Hauptplatz. The column is made of white marble, is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and was built in gratitude for having survived disasters and as protection against fire, war and plague. As a marketplace, Hauptplatz soon helped Linz to achieve an economic recovery.


Hauptplatz is still the venue for a variety of events and markets. It is located near to the Danube, and is enclosed by buildings with an important historical background and whose striking facades characterise the square's appearance. Examples include the Old Town Hall, which is the seat of Linz's mayor and where Tourist Information Linz is also located, as well as the building of the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, and Feichtinger-Haus, which houses the famous Glockenspiel.


 3. The Schlossmuseum & the Old Town



The Linzer Schloss towers high above Linz. A museum and fine cuisine are combined here, as are historical and modern architecture. On over 18,000 m², visitors can experience the history of nature, culture and technology in Upper Austria. The largest universal museum in Austria offers a programme for the whole family. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, there are large annual exhibitions on both international topics and those related to geography and culture. The castle is an eye-catcher in Linz's historical Old Town, which is situated only a few hundred metres from the Danube.


The Old Town is impressive with the striking facades of its historical buildings. During the day, the Old Town is bustling. In the evenings, restaurants invite you to relax and enjoy yourself in the unique ambiance. Regular festivals and evening events take place on the picturesque squares in the Old Town.


 4. Danube and Brucknerhaus



Linz transforms the Danube – and vice versa


Ship ahoy! Linz changes your perspectives! Would you like to see how?


Where better than by discovering the city from the Danube! On one of the Danube boats, from your bike on the Danube Cycle Path or on foot along the Donausteig hiking trail. You can also go on excursions into the beautiful Danube region from Linz, or take a tour or an evening cruise where you can listen to music and dine in the restaurant. The shipping companies based in Linz invite you to unwind on a boat trip on Danube, to escape the stress of everyday life and to relax on the Danube, the route of emperors and kings.


As the city's full name expresses so succinctly, Linz lies on the Danube as few other Austrian cities do. The European Capital of Culture 2009 and UNESCO City of Media Arts invites its visitors to discover the city from the water, too. The Danube in Linz offers a variety of attractions for cyclists, hikers, runners, geocachers, excursionists, city visitors and inhabitants. At night, the illuminations of the cultural buildings Brucknerhaus, Lentos Kunstmuseum and Ars Electronica Center transform the Danube into an exciting play of colours.

The banks of the Danube are an artistic and cultural hotspot in Linz throughout the year. Particularly in the summer months, the second-largest river in Europe becomes a large open-air stage with event highlights, such as the “Linz-Fest” and the “Klangwolken” (clouds of sound).

The sculptures in the Donaupark from the legendary “forum metal” symbolise the development from the city of steel to the city of art. On an excursion into Linz harbour, enjoy the largest open-air gallery in the world. Oversized graffiti decorates the outside walls of old industrial buildings right by the Danube in Linz.



·       Mural Harbor


Harbour tour on the MS Linzerin

The oversized graffiti on the house walls at Mural Harbor will astonish you on a harbour tour on the MS Linzerin – Linz is well on its way to becoming the largest open-air gallery in the world. The ship from the Wurm+Köck company departs three times a day on a tour down the river into Linz's harbour and right down to the mouth of the Traun. Information on the city of Linz and its history connected with the Danube is provided through announcements.





·       The Brucknerhaus Linz


The concert hall named after the great composer and organist Anton Bruckner inspires musicians and visitors with first-class acoustics and a diverse programme. It was opened in 1974, and since then has been a venue where internationally renowned orchestras, conductors and soloists offer performances of an excellent standard. Around 205 events take place in the Brucknerhaus every year.


The Bruckner Orchester Linz lets the great composer's music resound on tours around the whole world.





5. Ars Electronica Center


Do you want to research, discover, experiment and investigate? Then Linz's museum of the future, Ars Electronica Center (AEC), is the perfect place for you. The UNESCO City of Media Arts at the heart of Europe offers technological pioneering combined with visionary media arts by the Danube. AEC is the gravitational centre of Linz, with its annualfestival in September and the renowned Prix Ars Electronica. 



The striking building situated directly by the Danube houses impressive exhibitions on art, technology and society. Here, you can control robots, clone plants and take photos of your retina. You can telephone an android, isolate your own DNA or experience a new dimension of travel through space and time.





Ars Electronica Deep Space


Immerse yourself in three-dimensional universes and be fascinated by 16 x 9 metre, ultra-high-resolution images! In “Deep Space”, you can take off on a flight into the universe or board down the Streif slope at 140 km/h, among other things. After a technical makeover in summer 2015 the Ars Electronica Deep Space can now show images in 8K resolution. Enjoy even sharper pictures, brighter colors and starker contrast in the new Deep Space 8K.


 6. Mariendom ( New Cathedral )


 The largest church in Austria is situated in Linz – the New Cathedral (Mariendom). 


Beautiful glass windows decorate the cathedral, which was finished in 1924 and can accommodate 20,000 people. The sacred space is also fascinating. Mariendom is a haven of peace and an architectural masterpiece. Enjoy the view over Linz from the spire. Or experience the captivating view of the church's interior at a height of 15 metres on a special tour of the church's accessible inner gallery. The tours are also well suited to children aged 5 and above and to families.



7. Musiktheater am Volksgarten


The “Musiktheater am Volksgarten” in Linz is the most modern opera house in Europe. Built according to plans by the London architect Terry Pawson, its opening ceremony was on 11 April 2013 and it has been one of the cultural highlights of the UNESCO City of Media Arts by the Danube ever since.


The Musiktheater, situated only a few minutes from the railway station – at the end of Landstraße – offers a wonderful ambience for operas, operettas, ballet and musicals. These are staged using multimedia and accompanied by the latest technology – you'll be fascinated by the multifaceted programme. You are guaranteed an unforgettable evening of theatre in a lovely atmosphere right at the heart of Linz's city centre. Europe's most modern opera house has plenty to offer, and the main auditorium, the Foyer Stage, the BlackBox and the BlackBox Lounge offer an uninhibited view of the performances on the stage.



8. Adventure World Postlingberg



Let's set off up Linz's local mountain! An excursion to Pöstlingberg is an unforgettable experience – not only for children! Whether families visit the pilgrimage basilica, the viewing platform, the zoo or the realm of fairy tales and dwarves – the Grottenbahn, they're sure to have a great time high above Linz. Or you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city by the colourful Danube as a cosy twosome! Change your perspectives on Linz!










Linz's Pöstlingbergbahn, the steepest adhesion railway in Europe, creates a harmonious combination of nostalgia and modernity through its design. In only 20 minutes, starting from the main center, its climbs Linz's local mountain. The historical carriages are accessible for the disabled and have been gently modernised.










Zoo Linz


Zoo Linz houses over 600 native and exotic animals. It is situated halfway up Pöstlingberg (accessible on the Pöstlingbergbahn). The hothouse is particularly worth seeing, with its extraordinary inhabitants, such as apes and boas. Special events for families are offered throughout the whole year!




  9. Lentos Kunstmuseum


The “Lentos Kunstmuseum” is situated directly by the Danube in Linz. Its impressive architecture shapes the city's image distinctly. The modern, transparent glass facade illuminates Lentos and the Danube in many colours at night. The oversized "picture frame", which pierces the building, is also striking, revealing a wonderful view of Urfahr district and Pöstlingberg.



The museum offers modern and contemporary art in a very special ambience. Works of art from the 19th century, classical modernity (Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka) and Expressionism are presented, as well as current, contemporary artistic directions (VALIE EXPORT). In addition, special exhibitions provide an insight into a variety of themes and periods of art, or are dedicated to the work of individual artists. Families are very welcome! A programme about art, designed especially for children, allows little ones to discover Lentos and its exhibitions in a playful way.



Lentos Kunstmuseum offers suitable rooms for meetings, lectures, seminars, conferences and evening events. Here, current exhibitions can provide a stimulating introduction or a pleasant ending to the event.



 10. Voestalpine Stahlwelt



The “voestalpine Stahlwelt” in Linz presents a globally unique adventure world dedicated to steel. 


Austria's largest industrial site invites you to discover the latest technologies for producing steel. This interactive exhibition uses multimedia to show you what lies behind the Austrian group. Experience spherical production sounds from the Linz site, the play of light and exhibits to touch.



The construction of voestalpine Stahlwelt itself is also spectacular. The exhibition takes you through a giant crucible, a replica of the one used to produce steel. Oversized chrome balls, hanging from the middle of the building's ceiling, are not only an impressive eye-catcher, but also partially integrated into the exhibition. 




Museums and Exhibitions



Linz, the European Capital of Culture 2009 and a UNESCO City of Media Arts, offers a varied cultural scene. Museums and exhibitions invite you to discover the diversity of the city. Be curious!


  • ·        Lentos Kunstmuseum
  • ·        Schlossmuseum Linz
  • ·        Nordico City-museum
  • ·        Landesgalerie Linz
  • ·         Ars Electronica Center
  • ·         Biology Centre Linz
  • ·         OÖ Kulturquartier and OK Zentrum
  • ·         Adalbert Stifter Institute Linz
  • ·         Schloss Ebelsberg
  • ·         Pöstlingbergbahn Museum
  • ·         voestalpine Stahlwelt



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