Photo Credits: © Yash Raj Films


“Tiger Zinda Hai” successfully wrapped in the film city Innsbruck





Yash Raj Films has successfully wrapped the shooting for the Indian action film "Tiger Zinda Hai" in Innsbruck. The scenes showing Salman Khan as RAW agent Tiger and Katrina Kaif as his wife Zoya have been shot in the Riesensaal of the Hofburg. Furthermore the team was shooting scenes in the Hofgasse, the Herzog-Friedrich-Straße beneath Innsbrucks landmark, the Golden Roof. Apart from the old town of Innsbruck, filming was continued in other picturesque locales of Tirol, such as Praxmar and Kühtai, where terrific action sequences were shot. 


The joint efforts of Innsbruck Tourism and local Cine Tirol Film Commission have succeeded in establishing Tirol as a preferred filming destination for Indian film productions for many years. Having gained understanding of the tourism potential of their location, Innsbruck Tourism has been working with the Indian film industry in a very productive and extensive way, sending representatives to India to cooperate with local production companies and build up a reliable network. As a result of Innsbruck Tourism representative since two years and Cine Tirol promoter since 2017 Ishvinder Baba Maddh’s successful engagements, Innsbruck Region now appears in this action film produced by Mumbai-based Yash Raj Films Company. 

In general, Innsbruck Tourism and Cine Tirol have very good relationships with Indian film and TV companies and tourist bodies now. In 2016, the daily Indian soap opera “Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil” (English: My Heart Lives in a Foreign Land) was shot in Tirol’s capital by Indian production company “Balaji Telefilm” and television channel “Star Plus”. An array of sights and attractions and beautiful locales in and around Innsbruck were portrayed effectively on screen. The show is watched by 70 million people a week and 312 episodes will be aired until late November 2017. This production alone injected Euro 700,000 into the region’s economy. Currently, Innsbruck welcomes 50,000 Indian visitors a year. Once “Tiger Zinda Hai” has been viewed by a worldwide audience, Innsbruck Tourism expects an increase of Indian visitors relative to the previous years.


Karin Seiler-Lall, CEO of Innsbruck Tourism is convinced of the great potential film-induced tourism has. “It’s great for our marketing to be seen within this Bollywood movie. Innsbruck’s image will be delivered to an international audience,” says Seiler-Lall. “The explicit beauty of the setting of the film locations in Innsbruck and its Holiday Resorts will have a powerful impact on potential tourists from India and all corners of the globe. It is a wonderful opportunity for Innsbruck to thrive upon the benefits created and produced on the Indian market. These images will whet the appetites of potential visitors around the world and encourage them to come and experience the great locations featured in the movie.” Thanks to the great support of the City of Innsbruck and Mayor Christine Oppitz-Plörer, shooting permits for unique and beautiful locations in the Innsbruck old town district were granted to the Indian filmmakers. Gripping action scenes were shot on location in Praxmar and Kühtai.


Ursula Keplinger’s Creative Creatures service production company was responsible for planning and organizing the shooting in Tirol. The production of “Tiger Zinda Hai” is supported by Innsbruck Tourism, Location Austria, FISA – Film Support Austria and Cine Tirol.