NORDKETTE – Jewel of the Alps

The mountain at the heart of Innsbruck.  The Nordkette is part of Austria’s largest nature park, the Karwendel Nature Park, and can be reached directly from Innsbruck city centre in just a few minutes! The breathtaking 360° view leaves an impression, with the capital of the Alps on one side and Tyrol’s most extensive conservation area on the other.



The wind outside is howling, carrying with it the caws of alpine choughs (crows). Huge screes crawl over the craggy mountain flanks. The terrain drops steeply and far below in the wide Inn Valley the many rooftops of Innsbruck come into view. The upper station of the Nordkette Cable Railways is the gateway to the high alpine terrain of the Karwendel. The Hafelekar Peak (2,334m) can be easily reached in just 10 minutes via an easily negotiated path. When you reach the top, take in all the majestic mountain peaks as far as the eye can see. The view from the city up to the Nordkette is fantastic, but it is a different story when you are on the top of the mountain looking down. You just cannot compare it. The hustle and bustle of everyday life seems very far away.



The Hungerburg


The Hungerburg funicular enables visitors to reach the Hungerburg in just 8 minutes. There are several stops along the way including the Alpine Zoo, which is a favorite among families. After reaching the Hungerburg station, a short walk across Hermann Buhl Square, named after the world-famous Austrian mountaineer, leads visitors to the cable car station.






The Seegrube

The Seegrube, at an altitude of 6,250 ft invites visitors and locals alike to relax, unwind and take in nature at its very best. If you enjoy a hearty breakfast, then the Seegrube Restaurant is the place for you! Start the day with a great breakfast and enjoy the wonderful panorama at the same time. Breakfast is served daily from 9 am. Jazz fans will enjoy our live-music brunch which takes place every Sunday in July and August.






Some people like to start the weekend by going out for a meal, so why not “Ride & Dine”? Every Friday evening we serve a seasonal 4-course meal at the Seegrube Restaurant. The Seegrube Cable Railway runs every half hour from 6 – 11.30pm at reduced prices.





The Hafelekar


 Lying at an impressive 7,401 ftthe Hafelekar offers the most spectacular viewing experience. Thanks to a direct connection from the city, everybody can enjoy this unique experience within minutes.







What could be nicer on a quiet, sunny day than a trip to the zoo with the family, your partner or even on your own? The Alpine Zoo is on the sunny side of the Inn Valley, directly at the foot of the Nordkette and above the rooftops of Innsbruck. The zoo is the only one of its kind worldwide. Europe’s highest-lying zoo (750m) is also easy to get to. It is not far from the city centre – a short walk will take you directly there. However, if you are not in the mood for walking, you can take the bus or the modern Hungerburg Funicular. The funicular has its own station very close to the zoo entrance and is very popular among families.







Go from the heart of Innsbruck to the slopes in just 20 minutes. Due to the fast connection to the city, nothing can stop you from having fun after university or a short working day.

Besides the world-renowned Nordkette Skyline Park and 6 runs of varying difficulty, the Nordkette offers numerous freeride possibilities. One of the absolute highlights is the Hafelar Run; its 70% incline make it one of Europe’s steepest ski runs.

There is also something on offer for children and beginners: magic carpet, snow hill and practice slopes including childcare make the Nordkette a unique experience for children and families.






  • The Nordkette Cable Railways are one of the most important and most visited attractions in the Tyrol
  • We provide our guests with breath-taking views of the Innsbruck – The capital of the Alps
  • Our cable railways are located very close to the city centre – just 5 minutes walk from the old town / 3 minutes from the coach park
  • The architecture of our ultra-modern stations is fascinating, unique and multiple award-winning
  • The journey times are very short – we take our guests to an altitude of 2.000m / 6.562 ft. in just 20 minutes
  • The Nordkette has been a film location for International film productions on several occasions
  • Free parking at the coach park - just 200m from the “Congress Valley Station” in Innsbruck’s city centre.







Innsbruck - Hafelekar

Round-trip                                                                           33,00 EUR

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Swarovski Crystal Worlds


Chambers Of Wonder

Nestled in the pristine Tyrol region, Swarovski Crystal Worlds is an experience to soak in. First established in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski with a vision and mission to view crystal not merely as a material, but as an inspiration.


Today more than 13 million people have visited this shining example of Swarovski’s magical place where you will be bewildered by the sights and sounds. Swarovski Crystal Worlds has been designed in a way to showcase to you the many facets of cut crystals.


The Giant


The most omnipresent landmark of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Multimedia artist André Heller created a world of wonder to celebrate Swarovski’s hundredth anniversary in 1995. Just like a fable and he developed the story of a Giant who set out to experience the world and all of its treasures and wonders. With this knowledge, the Giant settled down in Wattens/Tyrol, where he has watched over his Chambers of Wonder ever since.


The Garden

crystal clouds

 The garden of the Giant contains contemporary art as well as ancient history, a place where crystal becomes a holistic experience. You will discover a venue where you can  experience beauty, inspiration and immerse yourself by taking a leisurely stroll as you  relax and rejuvenate.






Playtower – Playing on Four Levels


PlaytowerThere is always something for everyone and this section has been designed for the children as well as the child in us all. The façades of the tower, designed by architecture firm Snøhetta, consist of 160 crystalline facets, though no two are exactly alike. The panes are imprinted with an innovative pattern of millions of tiny animal motifs. Let loose the explorer in you as it offers the most varied activities from climbing, rocking, and swinging to sliding and even to what looks like floating.







How to get there


The Swarovski Kristallwelten Shuttle travels five times per day from Innsbruck to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds and back. With ease and comfort you can reach this mesmerizing wonder land.


Innsbruck, Hauptbahnhof ab/dep






Innsbruck, Congress/Hofburg







Wattens, Swarovski Kristallwelten an/arr.













Wattens, Swarovski Kristallwelten ab/dep.







Innsbruck, Hauptbahnhof







Innsbruck, Congress/Hofburg an/arr









OPENING HOURS                                                          TICKET COSTS

Daily from 8:30 to 19:30                              Adults                                              EUR 19.00       

Last entry 18:30                                         Family A (1 Adult + 1or 2 Children)   EUR 24.5


                                                                   Family B (2 Adults + 1or 2 Children) EUR 41.50


                                                                   Every Additional Child                       EUR 7.50


                                                                   Shuttle Bus (RETURN)                      EUR  9.50


                                                                   Shuttle Bus (One Way)                      EUR 5.00


                                                                   Shuttle Bus (Children Below 15years) Free



You can see the Video on the Swarovski Crystal Worlds here.