Welcome to Österreich, also known as the Republic of Austria


Tucked away at the center of Europe, it is of no surprise that Austria is the birthplace of some of the most notable individuals in the fields of Art, Music and the Sciences. Some of the most noted individuals were Gustav Klimt (painter), Sigmund Freud (Psychologist), Lise Meitner (Nuclear Physicist) to name a few. 



Austrian Culture

Vienna is the capital of Austria, and is also considered to be the world’s capital of music, as many famous composers lived here. Vienna was also voted the top city for the best quality of life by Mercer. Like a beautiful musical note, the past and the present mix seamlessly into its architecture, magnificent squares, grand imperial palaces with incredible baroque interiors. Quite like a pulsating note, Vienna buzzes day and night with culture, history and the Arts, a perfect prelude to your visit to Austria.





With a small population of 8.4 million, Austrians are one of the most enterprising and cultured individuals. Wherever you go you will be welcomed warmly and a keen interest to share their culture and historyApple Strudel with you. They are also gastronomical geniuses with culinary influences from Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany and the Balkans you are sure to taste an entire continent in every bite. In recent times Indian specialty restaurants have sprung up and this has made its way into the melting pot of Austrian cuisines. 





Austria caters to every age group, there’s something for everyone, even for the children. There are a plethora of activities that one can do, from Hiking, to Wellbeing & Spas


 Schladming Dachstein


Arrive and Revive in Austria! 

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