About the CEE CAMPUS


Keeping up with the ever-changing service spectrum of hundreds or thousands of different touristic regions, attractions or sights is almost impossible. Monitoring numerous tourism board and destination websites, keeping track of never-ending loads of newsletters and special offers in your inbox, all this becomes a hassle in the daily operational business.


The ROBINVILLE CEE CAMPUS is your new One-Stop Info Portal to deal with all your Tourism related questions for the target markets Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


The ROBINVILLE CEE CAMPUS answers all potential questions which might arise during your sales pitch and helps you to satisfy your customers’ needs.


Here, you can get all the necessary information regarding:


- Bookable Optionals and recommended Excursions,

- Well-tried Itineraries,

- “Must-see-venues”


and stay up-to-date with our constantly updated “News & Events” section.


Get an in-depth insight into the history, multifaceted culture and various lifestyles of the CEE region and don’t miss out on any special bargains or benefits you can forward to your clients.


The site structure and navigation is set up in an easy and clearly arranged manner and follows the familiar layout of successful news-portals. Its full-text-search guarantees prompt answers to any of your Tourism related questions.


Start using CEE CAMPUS and gain significant advantages over your market participants!



Since our inception in 2009, we have been representing Central European companies, regions and organizations in the Indian sub-continent with commitment and verve. The full spectrum of our activities ranges from the marketing and branding of cities, destinations and tourist attractions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) to local representation of the big players in the tourism industry such as the EUROTOURS INTERNATIONAL group.
Our team, consisting of European and Indian tourism professionals, is well acquainted with the practices and specific characteristics of the Indian outbound market as well as those of the European inbound industry. We know the dos and don’ts of each region and we know exactly what counts.